A healthy mind and body

We all know the typical programmer: A geek that lives to sit in front of a computer 24/7, feeding on pizzas and refreshments, getting little sleep and never exercising.

Lately, I caught myself matching the picture above. I said enough is enough and set out to become what I once was: A healthy, strong fellow with a clear mind.


Here is what I did:

  • Stopped drinking anything except water and the occasional taverna drinks (Oyzo, Tsipoyro, Wine).
  • Today I stopped drinking coffee.
  • Started eating 4 times a day, not to much at a time.

What? Just that?

Well, I want to make many more changes, to become a healthy programmer, but what I have learned by now is not to overwhelm myself by making many difficult changes all at once. I used a technique that is also used in programming: Divide and Conquer. I have many more changes in line and I will post about my progress from time to time.

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