BCS Hellenic Sector George Leon links reviewed

On 25 February 2009 in Athens, George Leon presented the following list of web sites in the BCS Hellenic Sector Event “What new & innovative Internet business ideas might be successful in Greece?”. During his presentation he mentioned several links that are listed here: Greek Business Ideas. I checked them out and I list here some of those links:

Online screen recorder. Capture screens instantly.

Get a better resume, online.

Simple human translation.

The world’s first web community owned club.

Live from your mobile.

Webcast My Wedding
Webcast your wedding to family & friends worldwide over the Internet.

Share, Save, Socialize. The best way to share a ride to and from the airport.

Offbeat Guides
Building your own personalized travel guide couldn’t be easier.

Create floor plans, house plans and home plans online.

Logo Design
Affordable logo design with a rapid process.

Food pictures.

Disclaimer: These links are the ones I liked. There are more if you visit the aforementioned site.

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