Competing by enhancing customer experience

Recently I had a very bad experience with a VPS hosting provider. Although, I am so angry I could setup a domain with rants about that hosting provider and a universal poll with one button that would say “Press me if you thing X hosting provider sucks”, and then pay for that site until that hosting provider went bankrupt, I decided not to go that way.

Instead, I thought I should try to invert all these negative feelings by trying to provide some value through this blog post.

Sometimes a company may screw up. When a company screws up and as a result a customer is unhappy, most think game is over. This is not true though. A company can win that customer back immediately.

All it has to do is:

  1. Explain to the customer all the details about the incident.
  2. Tell the customer what steps you are going to take so this incident cannot happen again.
  3. Sincerely apologize to the customer.
  4. Be generous and give the customer something to compensate for their loss.
  5. Try to help the customer get over the incident
  6. Try to have one person supporting the customer until the whole thing is resolved, or if you can’t at least have a system that keeps every support technician up to date with the incident. That way, the customer will not have to explain what happened to each and every different person that contacts him.

If instead of all the above, you do exactly the oposite, there will come a day you are going out of business.

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