1Deed Programming==Fun

Initially, I said I was going to create 7 free services that will run on the Internet. Now, I am changing my initial plans. Maybe some of my 7 deeds will be free services, but not all of them.

Today, after many years of reading, thinking, experimenting and concluding I realized what my 1st deed should be:

I am devoted to one cause. I always try to create the best working conditions for my fellow programmers and as a result enable them to wake up every morning and be anxious to start working having fun. I am also devoted to raise everyone’s awareness about this important subject.

The “working conditions” problem has always been on my mind, since I first started working as an employee for a company back in 1998. It was two years later in 2000, when I discovered Joel Spolsky and his blog Joel on Software. It was the first time I was reading about what was bothering me: The working conditions of programmers. Joel’s articles helped me realize that this is a real problem and that a company can be built having as a core competency the continuous efforts to create the best working conditions for its programmers.

All these years, I was in a position with no power until now. I am now the leader of the software development of a company that allows me to experiment and create the environment I think is best for the team members.

I have created the “1Deed Programming==Fun” category where I will put all my posts about this deed. In future posts I will describe what I am doing to have the best working conditions for me and my fellow teamates, and also what I am doing to help raise the awareness of everyone about this important subject.


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  1. Thanks Kostas. I really believe this is a continuous effort. Also, no matter how “free” we are to experiment, there is still old fashion thinking by the management on several issues. This means I should never be satisfied but continue working for the best of the team and as a result for the company.

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