Hide and seek emails

Mail, most of the times is nice, but there are two forms of mail that I really hate:

  1. Hide and seek emails
  2. Hide and seek emails

Hide and seek emails are coming from people that think it is cool to add 4 paragraphs of disclaimers, 10 lines of personal info and one line of content somewhere buried inside the message body.

You, the recipient, have to spend time to locate the content and then be anxious because you need to also make sure the rest of the text is not of importance.

It becomes even worst, when the sender forwards you a message but leaves 40 lines of AV shitty messages saying that the email was checked for viruses. I don’t know why these AV applications have to insert a message in the email. Nowadays, everyone has one form of email protection or another. If an email hasn’t already been checked, my own AV will… what’s the big deal.


Please, please, please STOP doing this. Just write what you actually want to communicate and stop including shitty text that nobody reads.

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