What is 7deeds?

Hello. This is my 7deeds blog. What is 7deeds? It’s my attempt to provide 7 things to the Internet community that will all be free. I don’t know when I am going to cover all the areas. All I know is I will try to produce 7 different free services or products for the community during my lifetime.

Why 7? Seven is my lucky number. I don’t know why. It’s always been my favorite number.

Who are you anyway? My name is Petros Amiridis. I am a professional programmer working as a freelancer at the time and living in Greece. I started my career as an employee but I have quitted my job a year ago and continued as a freelancer.

During the next few posts, I will introduce myself to you and I will share more details regarding what I am trying to accomplish by maintaining this blog. Let me just tell you that achieving seven deeds is a higher objective and that during my performance I will post about other matters too. Mostly about programming, but also about everyday stuff, since this is my personal blog.

I hope you will find the content interesting. At least I will try to write valuable stuff most of the time.

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