How to give me feedback

I don’t like the sandwich method of receiving feedback. Keep it short and to the point. Talk about my behavior and what issues it caused. Give me the opportunity to figure out how to fix it moving forward. I wont dwell on why it happened. Energy best spent on the future.

Feedback written in white chalk


Hopefully, you will give me feedback about something you observed on the spot or within a day or so. If not, let it go. I will probably do it again so you’ll get your chance. If I don’t, then you don’t have to worry about it anyway.


Don’t talk about my intentions or my character or anything really. Just focus on what you observed and what problem it caused. Giving me feedback should be a non-event. It should last a couple of minutes.

No pushing back

Don’t waste time arguing about whether you are right if I push back. I shouldn’t really push back to be honest. I welcome any feedback. Most of it can help me grow. With the rest, I get the opportunity to decide not to waste time focusing on it or arguing about it. Win-win.

Ask me if it’s a good time

And last but not least, ask me if it’s a good time to give me feedback. Especially in a remote setting. If it’s a good time, you will get my full attention. If not, we can talk tomorrow. Or you can let it go. I will probably repeat the same behavior, and you’ll get a chance to revisit the topic again.

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