Greek Easter 2019

As I grow older, I catch myself feeling more indifferent about the religious side of Greek Easter. I am not sure why.

Olympus mountain viewed from Thessaloniki

In any case, here’s a nice picture of Mountain Olympus. The mountain of the Greek Gods. I took that during this year’s Greek Easter day feast. You know, the day (Sunday) you break the 40 day fasting period and end up in the hospital from eating too much.

This year I tried to take it easy. And I did. For the first 2 hours of eating. Then everything went downhill. When you eat small amounts of food, but keep on eating throughout the whole day, you don’t take it easy.

I finally stopped eating, because I had to write these few lines about Greek Easter 2019. Hopefully we’ll be around to write another post a year from now.

Take it easy.


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