Ubuntu experiment post mortem

A few months ago, I got a new computer in the office. Instead of Windows I decided I wanted to try out Ubuntu.

I mainly develop using Visual Studio and C#, and as result I had to use virtualisation software. Anything else, I would use the available products that run on Ubuntu.

This experiment came to an end today. I installed Windows Vista over the Ubuntu installation. Here is the conclusion:

I could keep working in Ubuntu for ever. There wasn’t anything I couldn’t get right, except working in Visual Studio through a virtual machine was very-very slow. I am sure, if I had a faster computer and maybe an SSD hard disk, I wouldn’t have to switch to Windows.

However, since VS is the tool I mostly work with every day, I couldn’t afford to continue the experiment. Ubuntu was a very nice experience and if I ever leave VS I am sure I won’t have any reason not to switch to it again.

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