Being a programmer again


I am blogging and sharing my journey of going back to being a full time programmer after 12 years in support engineering and people management:


  1. A new adventure beginsSat 31 Dec


  1. I am joining Zed for at least 6 monthsTue 3 Jan
  2. Why did I choose Rust for jumpstarting my programming career?Sun 8 Jan
  3. My first four weeks at Zed IndustriesWed 8 Feb
  4. My trip to Los AngelesMon 3 Apr
  5. The last heartbeat at Zed — Wed 17 May
  6. Started making games as an indie — Mon 29 May

What are you up to Petros?

Staying calm. Indie 2D retro style game dev wannabe. Check what I am doing now.

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