How I avoid zombie GitHub Issues

At GitHub, we rely on Issues heavily. Not only for bug reports, or for tracking feature implementation. We use them for almost everything. This includes, but is not limited to, discussions, announcements, ideas, tracking projects, capturing thoughts or pieces of documentation that will become pull requests, and many more. The problem with having an abundance Continue reading How I avoid zombie GitHub Issues

How to avoid alienation while working remotely

In my previous post, I mention that we started working remotely in order to improve our productivity. I chose “remote work” because I believe it solves some issues. Most of the times, however, when you try to solve a bunch of problems, you may create a bunch of new ones. In the end you may Continue reading How to avoid alienation while working remotely

Working remotely

It all started 6 months ago. I was pressed by management to improve our team’s productivity. We are a team of 4 programmers with me as a leader. I identified some factors that in my opinion influenced our productivity and I reckoned working remotely could eliminate them. As a result we could increase our productivity.