My values

As of Sunday, 9 May 2021

When we live in line with our values, we magnify who we are. When we don’t, we shrink into ourselves; we diminish who we are. When we don’t know our values, and something doesn’t feel right we feel lost. Because we don’t know which value is being compromised.

I want to be calm. I want others to be calm.

I want to be productive. That along calmness, leads to happiness.

I honor my agreements.

I value trust. Work hard to build it in my relationships.

I want to deliver. Especially when others depend on me.

I love being loyal and others being loyal to me. Only when it’s out of internal respect.

I want to be fair. I want others to be fair with me.

I hate breaking the rules. Don’t mind changing them if they don’t work though.

Don’t want to lose it or cause others to lose it through my actions.

Always work hard to understand where others are coming from.

I seek recognition for what I do and I give it to others.

I want to be grateful in life. Hate it when someone is ungrateful.

Constant improvement. It’s my fault. Don’t blame others. Take action.

Caring, considerate, compassionate, thoughtful, towards others’ needs.

There are many ways to go about finding your values. I worked with Christina Garidi and I highly recommend her as a career and purpose coach.

What are you up to Petros?

Staying calm. Indie 2D retro style game dev wannabe. Check what I am doing now.

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