Volunteering to non-profit organizations or to open source software projects is my second deed (2-deed). I started this activity in June 2009 by becoming a member of Builders, a RailsBridge project, that connects volunteers with projects for 501c3 non-profits. So far, I am volunteering in two projects: 1) Sunset PTA and GlamourGals Foundation. The basic Continue reading Volunteering

Git log

When I am working with git, I find it useful to take a quick look at the log. The default [shell light=”1″] $ git log [/shell] command doesn’t show the actual modified/added/deleted files. You can use the following command for that: [shell light=”1″] $ git log –pretty –stat or $ git log –pretty=format:"[%h] %ae, %ar: Continue reading Git log

How to avoid alienation while working remotely

In my previous post, I mention that we started working remotely in order to improve our productivity. I chose “remote work” because I believe it solves some issues. Most of the times, however, when you try to solve a bunch of problems, you may create a bunch of new ones. In the end you may Continue reading How to avoid alienation while working remotely